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The Speakers’ Club commits to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct. This Code of Ethics delineates the principles and guidelines that all employees and representatives of The Speakers’ Club must follow to preserve the organization’s values and reputation.

Integrity and Honesty

All employees and board members of The Speakers’ Club must demonstrate integrity and honesty in all professional and personal interactions. They must refrain from engaging in any actions that could undermine the trust and credibility of the organization.

Respect and Inclusivity

The Speakers’ Club is dedicated to fostering an environment of respect and inclusivity. Members shall treat each other with dignity and respect, embracing diversity and recognizing the unique perspectives and contributions of every individual.


All the employees and board members of The Speakers’ Club shall uphold the confidentiality of sensitive information obtained during the course of their involvement with the organization. They shall not disclose or misuse such information for personal gain or any unauthorized purpose.

Professional Development

The Speakers’ Club encourages continuous learning and professional development. Members shall strive to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise to contribute effectively to the goals of the organization and the personal growth of its members.

Social-Media and Online Presence

The Speakers’ Club will not establish any social media profiles for its employees, customers, and stakeholders without obtaining their explicit written consent and acknowledgment. We value the autonomy and privacy of individuals associated with the organization and recognize their authority to manage their online presence. However, we reserve the right to create Google Workspace accounts for our employees. We will provide the account details to the respective individuals for whom the account is created and will refrain from using the accounts for any purpose. Employees have the right to modify their login credentials themselves. Additionally, we will communicate any other applicable code of ethics to employees, stakeholders, customers, and investors in writing.

Conflict of Interest

Members of The Speakers’ Club must refrain from placing themselves in situations where their interests conflict with those of the organization. Any potential conflicts of interest must be promptly disclosed to the relevant parties to ensure transparency and facilitate appropriate resolution.

Responsible Communication

All the employees and board members shall communicate responsibly and professionally, both within and outside The Speakers’ Club. They shall avoid engaging in any form of communication that may harm the reputation of the organization or its members.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

All members of The Speakers’ Club must adhere to applicable laws and regulations in performing their duties. Failure to comply with legal requirements may lead to disciplinary action.


All individuals or bodies associated in any capacity with The Speakers’ Club are responsible for their actions and decisions. If ethical concerns arise, they should report such matters through appropriate channels to ensure a fair and impartial resolution.

Review and Revision

We will periodically review this Code of Ethics and revise it as necessary to maintain its relevance and effectiveness. We will inform members of any updates, and we expect them to comply with the revised code