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One of India’s First Programmes Of It's Kind!

Furthermore, Interview equipped is one of India’s only programs that combines researched and practically proven techniques, extensive practice, and expert guidance to equip you with the ability to crack any interview. It covers the complete interview preparation skill set, starting from the basics and then accelerating to advanced techniques, which will be covered through over 22 modules.

Key Elements To Make You Equipped

Key Elements To Make You Equipped

The Speakers’ Club is offering courses that are tailor-made to your requirements, following a ‘Learn-by-Doing’ Approach
with the live and interactive sessions, and delivering the highest quality of training at the lowest price possible!


Live sessions cover all the topics, starting from the right way to introduce yourself to tackling the toughest of the questions.

Group Discussions

4 Group Discussion sessions every month in front of expert trainers, with individual feedbacks to make you practice enough to crack any GD!


To make you practice the things you have learnt, we will be conducting mock interviews twice every month!

Resume Building

We will make you craft the job-winning resume for you. Also, you can get your resume analysed by us before every interview!

The Speakers' App

Additionally, The Speakers’ App has been developed by us to accelerate your learning by many times. Along with the feedback from our trainers after Group Discussions, Impromptu Speaking Sessions, and Mock interviews, you will receive detailed insights about your performance. Moreover, it monitors your progress over time and provides you with regular individual reports. All session details will be made available to you through The Speakers’ App.

How we Equip you with an Ability
to Crack Any Interview?

How we Equip you with an Ability to Crack Any Interview?

Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience that equips our
participants with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Step 1

Assessment of your needs based on your proficiency level and the king of interviews you are targeting.

Step 2

Training you about every small to big things to keep in mind during the interviews.

Step 3

Organizing Special Impromptu Speaking to make you practice enough to frame the best answers within seconds.

Step 4

4 Conducting 4 GDs and 2 Mock Interviews with feedback to correct your mistakes.

Step 5

Teaching you to Craft Resumes that Stands out and Analysing your Resume before Every Interview

Step 6

You become ready to Excel in any Interview!